Webflow and Craft CMS Expert at HeadStarterz

I'm co-owner at HeadStarterz, a strategic marketing, brand and digital communication agency in Basel, Switzerland.

My main focus is the development of outstanding websites based on Webflow CMS (frontend visual coding) and Craft CMS (flexible and user-friendly backend system).





About my work

My design work lives at the intersection of modernism & elegant simplicity. Placing emphasis on typography, color, and motion. — My process begins by visualizing an overall narrative for the project, making it impossible to ignore. — I incorporate interaction into my designs because you feel a connection when things move as you’d expect them to.

Smoothly Masonry
Smoothly Masonry
Webflow Clonable
Masking On Scroll
Masking On Scroll
Webflow Clonable



The focus of user experience design (UX design) is on the design of experiences. A successful UX is made up of various factors, for example, in addition to usability, the feeling that arises before, during and after the use of an interactive application is relevant.

A good user experience design satisfies people's context of use, regardless of the communication channel used.

The focus of user interface design (UI design) is on the visual design of digital applications. A good user interface is by no means only visually high-quality designed, in addition to the design, the goal of the application and the brand message must be conveyed through the visual expression of websites and apps.

Trends come and go – this is especially true for the web.

Therefore, it is important that a brand has a consistent appearance and communication style. If a brand succeeds in this, unique worlds of experience are created that have a positive impact on brand value.

Web design is what creates the holistic look when you use a website. It is the process of planning and building the elements of your website, from the structure and layout to the images, colors, fonts and graphics.

Web development is the software development of web applications, web services or other complex websites.

Frontend Development with Webflow takes the painful parts of web development out of the equation, letting us focus on bringing designs to production faster.

The backend is like the heart of a website and my heart beats for Craft CMS. It is a tremendously flexible and fast content-first CMS, which is the perfect solution for editors and developers, but also for decision makers. Craft is THE insider tip, and has a lot of advantages over big players like WordPress, Joomla or Drupal.



Philipp Roth, Webflow and Craft CMS Expert, Web Designer and Developer based in Switzerland and Germany.

My main focus is the development of dynamic websites based on Webflow CMS (visual coding), Craft CMS (flexible and user-friendly headless system) and native HTML, CSS, Javacript and React.

I'm also interested in the complex business and social challenges of the global digitalization.

I'm a convinced vegan for a greener environment and a better future of my four wonderful children!

...and yes, it's true, I have only one pair of shoes - my Chucks!

2016 — now
Co-owner & Developer at HeadStarterz in Basel

2018 — 2019
LegalTech Product Owner at Weblaw in Bern

2010 — 2017
Knowlege Manager at EY in Zurich

2002 — 2010
Study at University of Basel